Nichole Lawrence


Glory music composer, instrumentalist, vocalist, songwriter, Psalmist, ordained minister...these words only begin to describe professional music artist and Child of God, Nichole Lawrence. Starting out as a little girl speaking to God through her organ, Nichole has since gone on to perform and minister in churches throughout the United States as well as in Russia, Finland, and Israel. She has even played the harp at some of Christianity’s most important locations, such as the City of David, Garden Tomb, Samuel’s Mountain, and other locations such as the International House of Prayer in Jerusalem.


Led to the world of music after hearing twenty-five prophetic words over a seven-year period, Nichole stepped out in Faith and followed God’s calling in her life. Her works feature stories of faith backed by the miraculous healing sounds of Heaven. Having never received formal instrument or voice training, Nichole has always felt her talents are a gift from God which she allows to flow from her when performing live, making every ministry appearance a unique experience for those attending.


Nichole’s music can be heard all over the world. She has already released seven albums of instrumental glory music that can be purchased via her website and online book stores as well as in book stores in countries like Canada, Australia, England, and New Zealand. She is currently working on a new CD, Step of Faith, that will feature her singing in addition to original music she has composed.