Join Others Around the World and Play the Heavenly Sound of Intercession Glory For Such a Time as This! You Can Change the World with Glory Music! 




            Get Ready to Change the World with

             Intercession on a Whole New Level!


Intercession Glory was composed with the sound Majesty and was supernaturally imparted with a new sound from Heaven ~ the sound of Heavenly Bells. Listen closely as you play it and you can hear the sound of the Heavenly Bells ringing!


The sounds of bells reminds us of the golden bells worn on the hems of the High Priest robe as he went into intercede for God's people. This specific sound is powerful and important for intercession in this very time.

This new Heavenly Sound mixed with your prayers will rise like incense to the throne of God whether you are praying alone, with a prayer partner or intercession group. Your prayers make a difference in the world!

"For My house will be called a house of prayer for all the nations" Isaiah 56:7

"May my prayer be counted as incense before Thee" 

Psalm 141: 2


Ignite your prayers and impact the world!


Send the sound to your friends and prayer groups around the world and let's make an impact together during this important time. Turn on your Glory Music and let the music play 24/7 for such a time as this!

We can change the world with Glory Music!