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REVELATION GLORY is bringing believers into new levels of prophetic revelation, the seer dimension, deeper realms of wisdom, angelic encounters and into a higher place of eternal peace and assurance! While listening, you will experience encounter after encounter after encounter with heavenly realms. There is a supernatural third heavenly sound coming through this that will bring the Kingdom into your midst, including healing, creative miracles, signs, wonders and the depth of His love! We believe as you listen and soak in the presence of God’s Glory, you will experience heavenly encounters with supernatural revelation and impartations! With Healing Glory, God Supernaturally changed the sound on my keyboards to the harp and anointed it to heal and deliver! (1 Sam. 13:23) God said the next CD would be Revelation Glory and He would anoint it with a revelation anointing! He then showed me a scripture in The Word to confirm it with the supernatural sound He gave me…. (Psalm 49:4) “I listen carefully to many proverbs and solve riddles (problems) with inspiration from a harp” God is so Amazing! 



What ministers have said about Revelation Glory!


"Listening to the Revelation Glory CD will invite you to experience deep revelatory encounters of God’s heart and awesome love. If you desire to enter into a higher place of heavenly revelation, love, joy and peace, I highly recommend this CD for your worship and soaking time.”                        PATRICIA KING ~Extreme Prophetic


"Nichole Lawrence's music is anointed and full of glory.  This beautiful worship will cause you to draw closer to the presence of God.  It has been such a blessing to us and I believe it will be a blessing to you as well. May you receive Revelation Glory with a supernatural impartation of the heavens as you listen."      JOSHUA & JANET MILLS~New Wine International




All I can say is "Wow!!!"  After listening to the CD, I could not get off the 

floor for hours.  God has graciously anointed this music with abundant revelatory knowledge of Him, His love and His glory.  Whether you are a new believer in Christ or have walked closely with Jesus for years, Revelation Glory brings fresh new revelation of heaven for EVERYONE, every time it is played.  As I listened to the prophetic harmonies, angelic messengers sang along with every note.  Encounter after encounter after encounter with heavenly realms.  Wow!  This music will bring every Christian into a new level of prophetic revelation, into the seer dimension, into deeper realms of wisdom, into angelic encounters and into a higher place of eternal peace and assurance far above the temporal realm.  Peace, joy and love overwhelmed my soul and flooded every essence of my being.  I am still overwhelmed by the holiness of His wonderful loving presence and abundant grace.  In this place of revelatory encounter, I was so FREE to go higher and deeper than ever before.  Thank you so much 

for blessing me with more than a CD.  You have blessed the Body with anointed encounters, that bring powerful waves (again and again and again) of prophetic heavenly substance flooding into our heart, soul and spirit.  Without fear, and in His perfect love, we go further and higher than ever before.  I can't wait to listen to it again tonight!! Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you!  


Michael Reynolds Extreme Prophetic Itinerant Minister


 "The first time I listened to Nichole Lawrence's Revelation Glory CD was in my car after she presented it to me at a lunch with folks involved with the Denver Pastor's Prayer Meeting. The presence of the Lord came upon me so strongly as I listened that I almost drove off the road! There was such a strong release of His love, joy and peace that it was indescribable. To say the anointing rests upon it would be an understatement. I probably listened to it about 3-4 times per day over the next week or so and consistently felt the Lord minister tremendous physical and inner healing to me during that time. I also experienced a strong revelatory unction from the Lord and many words came to me as I listened. I played it in several warfare situations where the enemy was attempting to bring confusion, anger and division. In all those situations, the atmosphere was immediately charged with the Lord's peace.


I know that incredible prayer and Kingdom proclamations went into the production of this CD. There most certainly had to have been an open portal to heaven and major angelic presence during the recording session. It is guaranteed to invoke that same kind of portal wherever you are. I highly advise that it be listened to as a soaking CD; that you really set time apart to fully engage your heart with the Lord for optimal release of everything the Lord has anointed this with. There is a Third Heavenly sound coming through this at bandwidths beyond our capability of hearing or measuring in the natural. You'll hear this sound anyway, and it will bring the Kingdom into your midst, including healing, creative miracles, signs, wonders and the depth of His love!"


T. H. 

Intercessor/Prophetic Evangelist, LWMI


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