REVELATION GLORY is bringing the Body of Christ into new levels of prophetic revelation, the seer dimension, deeper realms of wisdom, angelic encounters and into a higher place of eternal peace and assurance! While listening, you will experience encounter after encounter after encounter with heavenly realms. There is a supernatural third heavenly sound coming through this that will bring the Kingdom into your midst, including healing, creative miracles, signs, wonders and the depth of His love! We believe as you listen and soak in the presence of God’s Glory, you will experience heavenly encounters with supernatural revelation and impartations! With Healing Glory, God Supernaturally changed the sound on my keyboards to the harp and anointed it to heal and deliver! (1 Sam. 13:23) God said the next CD would be Revelation Glory and He would anoint it with a revelation anointing! He then showed me a scripture in The Word to confirm it with the supernatural sound He gave me…. (Psalm 49:4) “I listen carefully to many proverbs and solve riddles (problems) with inspiration from a harp” God is so Amazing! 



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